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"At Lady Baker
You can't buy happiness, b
ut you can buy bread and that's the same thing"

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About Our Bakery

I never really liked cooking, but the culinary world always attracted me. My passion had been wine, so I studied and became a certificated sommelier, but wine and food are a marriage and my knowledge of one side of that equation was incomplete.

I decided to learn how to cook and enrolled in a yearlong program at Escola Wilma Kövesi de Cozinha, in São Paulo. Unexpectedly, I enjoyed cooking so much I wanted to learn more. After moving to South Florida with my husband and two daughters, I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu where I graduated with a Bachelor's in culinary arts.It was during the “Bread Module” that I had my baking "epiphany"! Have you ever found yourself doing something you enjoyed so much you didn't notice how much time had passed? ...


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We have the most delicious baked goods in town. Click on the "Order Online" button below and see what soft breads, croissants, sourdough breads, desserts and many more delicious items.

Our coffees whether hot or cold are just amazing!

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