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Fresh Bread Rolls

About Our Bakery

That was bread for me. I was fascinated and completely absorbed by the process and the transformation from a bunch of simple ingredients into something so beautiful, multi-faceted and delicious!

How was it possible that only flour, water, and salt could create such amazing product? That was my "it" moment. I fell in love with bread. I found my true passion.

As a curious person, I couldn't stop with the bread module. I took private lessons and spent hours discussing the subject with chefs, feeding my thirst for more and more knowledge.

Driven to take my baking to the next level, I enrolled in many courses at the San Francisco Baking Institute, the best baking school in the US.

With each post-graduate class I attended, I fell deeper in love with baking, improved my recipes and grew more confident that each batch I bake will be better than the last!

Lady Baker artisanal breads are baked with the finest ingredients available, in small batches by hand, and infused with love and passion.


Our Products

I have created many different, tested, and approved recipes. Sometimes my recipes appear in my dreams. Others are inspired by an ingredient I see or by a friend's request. It’s difficult to say which one is my greatest success. The best recipe will always be the next one!

There's no "fixed" weekly menu. My weekly artisanal loaves may include olive bread, multigrain sourdough, country bread, egg bread, challah, brioche, baguettes, Australian bread, sourdough with guava, chocolate sourdough, and pastries like my popular cinnamon rolls - and others.

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